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Welcome to IzzyTrack, GPS Tracking System

This system allows you to monitor your assets in real-time and automatically, everywhere and at any time..!

Mobile Application

Track your assets everywhere? Yes, absolutely, you can do it..

Mobile application which runs on your smart phone, allows you to track all your assets with ease, including moving speed, engine status, location, etc.

Geofencing Area

Geofence is an imaginary boundary of certain location, for example home, school, office, warehouse and customer location, determined by the user.

IzzyTrack automatically reports when and where the asset leaves or enters any geofence area.

Track Anything

IzzyTrack allows you to track assets like vehicle, motorcycle, smartphone or anything you want.

You can control them through our web interface and mobile application.

History Playback

Through a sophisticated web-based user interface, user can load and replay asset track from the past.

This enables user to see and analyze the position and route taken by the asset.

Asset Clustering

Here, we will show you the assets clustering, it mean if you zoom out the map, our system will automatically populate them.

If we zoom the map in, the assets will appear side by side depend on their range with each other.

Order Management

Integrate your existing application with our system, track your order, dispatch the order and get alert when your order is delivered.

Also, you will able to share the asset movement to your customers so they will be able to know the order progress.

User Friendly

Our application is using windows layout which is very easy to use.

Custom Module

You can request custom module dedicated for you.

Full support

We do care! Anytime you need help, just contact our support!


We will guarantee our devices for 1 year, for free!

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